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Volunteer Information 



As a non-profit organization, we are always looking for volunteers in helping us run the program. Below is a volunteer checklist that we ask you to view, please print out the form at the bottom  and return with your registration application.


All parents will volunteer their time to help keep down fees  Without your participation, this organization will not survive.


Should you require any further information, please contact us by email at


We need volunteers for the following positions:


Assistant Coach: During weekly practices, assisting Head Coach with needed drills.


 First aid: If you have first aid training, or have been trained in taping and will be on site during practices and games.


 Team Parent: To assist Head Coach in contacting and relaying any needed information to your team.


 Field Markers: During your player's home games, holding marker sticks.


3 Volunteers are required at each home game- no experience is necessary.


 50/50 Sales: During home games, selling 50/50 tickets. 2 Volunteers needed per game.


Fundraising: Bottle Drives and possible Pub Meat Draws.


Concession: During home games, we have a Concession and we need 2 Volunteers needed per game. We prefer that Titan Parents run the Concession for the Lion’s Games and that The Lions Parents run the Concession for the Titan’s Games!


Director: It takes volunteers to run the OYFA football program, for anyone interested in assisting in the efforts of continuing to offer our communities youth a football program.


Thank you for your support!


 Volunteer Coordinator


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