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2021 Fall Lions Pee-Wee Program

Birth Years 2010, 2011, 2012

2021 Fall Lions JB Program

Birth Years  2008, 2009


Is N O W  O P E N 

Register Now

For help with registration or any questions please email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Help

To register

• Please go to www.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?clientID=6212&leagueID=26212

• Sign up for an account if you don’t have one if you do please log in.

o For new accounts you will receive a confirmation email with password Log into your account from the email and

• Click add/edit family member Click add family member

• Enter your child’s information and click continue

o Ensure birthday is correct as you cannot register for teams if it is incorrect

• Click Register Now at top

o Click Register Now beside the team or event you wish to register

o Follow prompts and that’s it!

To register we use Epsortsdesk.com. For registration there are 2 components, the 1st is our club fees and club fees can be paid online or in person by cash or cheque and the 2nd is the memberships (Football Canada, BC Community Football Association, BC Provincial Football Association) which can only be paid online. For more info on the memberships please visit https://www.bcpfa.com/fees.

Football Canada

$15 yearly fee

Football Canada is the governing body for ALL football in Canada. In June 2016, BC became a member of Football Canada in order to benefit from all national programs. BC has input at a national level regarding rules & player development plus participating at all national sanctioned events. Membership is mandatory and has to be done first at 2019 National Registration via the BCPFA website.

BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA)

$23 ($13 BCPFA membership & $10 insurance)

The BCPFA is our Provincial governing body for ALL Football in BC. This includes the BCCFA, BCFC Junior Football, BCFOA and UBC. They manage the required Insurance, U16 Western Challenge and U18 Canada cup teams, and will be implementing some new Football Canada programs (go to the website for more information). This fee is paid automatically when you register with your local club, and has always been built into Registration.

BC Community Football Association (BCCFA)

$20 ($10 BCCFA membership & $10 coaching development)

The BCCFA is the governing body for Community Football, including Spring Flag, and Tackle Programs across the Province, and facilitates the Provincials for Community Football. Coaching Development is a priority, with a focus on Making Ethical Decisions, Safe Contact and Intro to Competition certification delivered by the BCPFA. The 5 Zones include VICFA, VMFL, VCFL, SIFC, and North. This fee is paid automatically when you register with your local club and has always been built into Registration..

Registration Fees & Deposit Cheques

Once registration fees and deposit cheques are paid and handed in you will get your gear. We provide all necessary equipment, except football cleats, replacement mouth guards. We recommend you purchase a Football Girdle as it provides all the necessary pads and support, you are able to purchase them from us for $30.00. Deposit cheques are required for gear and volunteer grantee. These cheques will be returned to you once gear is returned and volunteer hours are filled.

We strive to ensure that all who are interested are able to play no matter the financial situations. There are a few options out there such as Kidsport, Jumpstart, SOS OR setting up a payment plan. If this is you please register your child(ren) and at payment screen please select “Financial Aid” and please email us to finalize your registration.